Friday, January 30, 2015

Thai Day

We are approaching the halfway mark of our Pre Service Training (PST) here in hazy Bangrachan. I've yet to see a blue sky, which I believe is due to the ever present trash fires and burning of sugarcane fields. I dream of green jungle and clear skies in the North, where I hope to be assigned.

Our days are mostly filled with studying Thai or teacher training. It's a lot of sitting in hot classrooms trying to focus. Some days I feel like I've made a breakthrough, others I feel like I'm broken. I think we are all anxious to come out the other side of PST and get started.

Me with my first language group

This is how I feel by the time I bike home at the end of a long day in the classroom. (I shot this on the one day I got home early, only to find I was locked out of the house. Had to sit out front with our four dogs. I liked how he was using the pot as a pillow.) 

This is from the little restaurant across the street from our training center. This plate costs 30 Baht. (almost $1)

On Saturday we celebrated Thai Day with performances from our teachers and American skits and dancing from the PCVs. This photo is of our teachers singing us a song about how glad they are to have us as students. There were a lot of tears shed. 

We were served a big Thai feast at the end. I am very grateful to be serving in a country with such amazing food. 


Sarah said...

Oh, the Food looks so tempting! Are you still running?

Shane Van Cott said...

Just started back up Sarah. Thanks for coming by my blog! :)