Thursday, January 15, 2015

Peace Corps Staging & PST

It's been a whirlwind of activity since leaving Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport a week ago. What we all expected to be a three day staging in Seattle before leaving the country turned out to be just one afternoon.

We flew out the next morning for Bangkok, with a short stopover in Narita, Japan. Long enough for a tasty bowl of ramen. 

Double-decker busses were waiting to transport us to our home for the next week--the Golden Dragon Resort in Singburi. The term resort is bandied about a bit more casually here than in the states. Rest assured, we aren't receiving spa treatments or swimming laps in the pool. (there's no pool)

We got a few hours rest that night and then it was straight to training. Information is being crammed into our heads at reckless speeds. We've received enough books and manuals to start a small library. 

We enjoyed a special welcoming ceremony and a visit to meet the vice governor.

Today was bike day, where we received our new bikes and learned how to use them. Really nice to be out of the classroom for a change. 

In two days we will be kicked out of our comfortable resort life existence and welcomed into the arms of our host families. From then on we will be biking to and from training ever day, rather than taking the elevator. More to come....

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