Friday, July 12, 2013

Mt. Takahatayama & Mt. Kuretakeyama

This week's hiking adventure took Derek and I to Mt. Takahatayama & Mt. Kuretakeyama. We did a looped trail, although we began and ended at different train stations on the Chuo Line. Nice trail, with enough challenge to make it interesting, but not so much that it wasn't fun.

Even though we weren't wearing any bells, like Japanese hikers, we still didn't see any bears.

I was nearly bitten by this snake head shaped plant.

Below a dam

Derek on the other side of a railroad tie bridge

Cool caterpillar

At the summit of  Takahatayama

A huge toad sitting in the middle of the trail that was completely nonplussed by our presence. He never flinched, even with my camera lens in his face.

Summit of  Kuretakeyama

I nearly had an awesome shot of this green snake. He was really moving.

The bridge across had a pretty epic view itself.

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Deanna Watson said...

OhMYGOSH I love that fuzzy caterpillar!