Monday, May 13, 2013

Tama Zoo: The Good

On the bright side, the Tama Zoo has one of the best insectariums and butterfly gardens I've ever seen. The price of admission is worth it for these two attractions themselves. There were a few decent animal enclosures as well--I've put two examples below.

These little guys seemed to have enough space to roam around and it was landscaped nicely. 

The Japanese otters also had a nice habitat to frolic and play in. 

Giant grasshoppers in front of the insectarium

 They have an amazing leaf cutter ant farm comprised of multiple terrariums connected by tubes. I could stare at that thing for hours.

Cool beetles

This praying mantis mimics the orchid

More camouflaged insects

I think this is a water scorpion


 Ménage à Hop

 The Butterfly Garden

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Amy said...

That Butterfly Garden looks amazing. It makes Omaha's "Butterfly Pavilion" look tiny.