Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tama Zoo: The Bad

Despite the rain, I had a fun time at the Tama Zoo this past Saturday. Japanese people don't like hanging out in the rain, so we had the place almost to ourselves. As far as zoos go, Tama is about average. Which is to say, most of the animals live in terrible living conditions that don't even remotely resemble their natural habitats. The photos below are just a sampling.

 Rhino: only a mud hole to pass the time

Lions: Their habitat is more like a large backyard, where a busload of gawkers circles through every 15 minutes.

The Japanese macaques spend all day dreaming about being in the trees that surround their playground enclosure. 

Bored elephant

A mountain goat without a mountain to climb

The bear looks hopelessly miserable.

"African Safari"

Cheetahs with nowhere to run

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Amy said...

I always feel bad when the enclosure isn't adequate too. Omaha Zoo is ranked 3rd in the country, but the tiger "complex" is seriously lacking in space for them to move.