Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Our school participated in the Halloween Festival in Fuchu over the weekend. I was assigned to be Spiderman.

Battling an evil villain 

Hanging with my Spiderman posse 

Staff photo: I have a crush on the girl in the light blue dress.


ashleyboice said...

I almost have no words for this. I never in my lifetime would have thought I would ever see a picture of you in a spiderman costume holding another spiderman. Wow.

Amy said...

You look good as Spiderman Shaner! Which is the husband and wife owners that you talk about? The girl in the light blue is super pretty.

Supercords said...

Ash: Yep, I can now cross that off my bucket list.

Amy: Supergirl and Captain America are the owners.

Rachel said...

That's a really cool costume!!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE your costume! Noah would have loved seeing you in that. He was ironman this year, and is in spiderman every other day!
We miss you and love you! xo
Oh, and go for the girl! Do something with that crush!