Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Party

I attended a summer party at the Yu's last weekend. There was a lot of Chinese dishes to sample. I even made a version of my salsa--no jalapenos in Japan that I can find.

Gyoza making

The finished product

They told me that fermented eggs are sliced up with dental floss to avoid it sticking to a knife.

A fermented egg, tofu, and green onion salad. I was seriously skeeved out by the eggs, but they weren't bad.

Pig ear and cucumber salad. I've had pig's ear a number of ways, and none of them have been good. 

Grilles cow tongue and other meats

This was my first encounter with bitter melon. I find it hard to believe that ANYONE can enjoy the taste of that vegetable. Vile stuff. The slices of clam were good though.

Broiled fish

Watching a firework show that went on for over an hour!

Packed Nishi-Hachioji train station after.


Deb E said...

Wow! You're sounding like Andrew Zimmerman from "Bizarre Foods!"

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