Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hachioji Summer Festival Part 1

Kuniko and I went to the Hachioji Summer Festival last weekend. Fantastic people watching opportunity. I took a lot of photos of other festival goers. These are my favorites.

They had a never-ending parade of shrines, dancers, musicians, etc. I really liked how enthusiastic this fellow was.

Japanese kids are adorable. 

An excellent Japanese beard.

Old Japanese men are my favorite subjects to photograph.

It's mandatory to raise the peace sign in Japan when posing for a picture. 

This picture makes me laugh.

This is the one time of year when pants are optional. 


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

The mini skirt kimonos are hilarious—thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Why are pants optional? Did that guy have any underwear on?

Supercords said...

I asked Kuniko, and she said it's traditional dress. Yes, they are wearing underwear.

A lot of weird behavior in the world can be attributed to "tradition".

deanna said...

In a strange way, this reminds me of the movie Big Trouble in Little China