Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mocktail

Annie invited me to accompany her to the 2011 Mocktail, a masquerade ball held annually up in Sandy. It's an excuse to dress up, drink pretend cocktails, and practice one's dance moves.

Annie, Me, Kassidy, Jared, & Rayelene
That mask is growing on me. I'm one step away from donning a cape and fighting crime.

Group photo with a bunch of people who's names I can no longer remember. Ok, let's be honest. I never remembered them in the first place.

Blaine & his wife getting their groove on.

Couple's were encouraged to show off their stuff in succession across the dance floor as Justin Timberlake serenaded us. This is Kassidy & I attempting to "bring sexy back".

Aerial shot


Amy said...

Wow Shane, I don't think I've ever seen you dance! Looks like you are a natural!

angie said...

I'm super jealous...of the party and your dancing skills!

Captain Emus said...

You are handsome.

Annie said...

I knew you'd like that mask eventually. Thanks for a fun night. : )

Jake and Jenny said...

Love it! You are my super hero! Go Shane!