Saturday, January 01, 2011

Lake Atitlán to Antigua

We took a boat tour around Lake Atitlán yesterday, a large volcanic lake--the deepest in Central America, although there are parts that have not yet been sounded. It's surrounded by 3 volcanoes.

From the docks of Panajachel.


New construction on the old church in San Pedro de Laguna across the lake

On the steps of the main church in Santiago. Steve in the background.

Olivia & June on the dance floor. New Year's Eve in Antigua, Guatemala.

Olivia & Jessica + the requisite creepy old dude who keeps trying to squirm his way into our dance circle.
[Note: In this scenario, I'm not the creepy old dude]


Amy said...

Neat to get a real look at Guatemala. Happy New Year!

Rachel John said...

The creepy guy even has the Don Johnson sport coat to complete the look