Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monte Albán y Noche de Rábanos

Natalie, a girl from the other tour group, and I went to see the Monte Albán ruins this morning. We really enjoyed these and I took a ton of pictures. Some of my better ones are below. Sorry if this is boring.

These flowering trees were all over the grounds and attracted enormous bumblebees.

These ruins are handi-capable. Emphasis on capable.

We were lucky enough to be in Oaxaca on Dec 23rd: Noche de Rábanos (Night of the Radishes) People display ornate sculptures in the main square made from radishes. It's one of their biggest festivals of the year. Again, I took LOADS of photos, but these are the best.

I spotted Master Chef Rick Bayless down for the festivities.

This lady's look intrigued me.


HHM said...

Very Cool

Annie said...

Not boring. Very radish-ical. Looks like you're having fun!