Monday, March 29, 2010

The Madness Continues

Scott scored a bunch of tickets to the the SLC NCAA basketball games. Great seats too, lower bowl on the half court line. I went up with a large group on Thursday to see that evenings two games. Thanks Scott!

Cort & Kyle to my right.

Orangemen Vs. Bulldogs

That's got to be one of the lamest mascots of all time.

The score that took Joey out of first in our bracket pool.

Wildcats Vs. Musketeers

I don't think putting on a foam head should automatically make you a mascot.

The score before heading into double overtime. This was an awesome game to see live.


Deanna said...

Ha I had a layover in Kansas City and commented on a lady's purple coat and she went off about the Kstate game the next day. I didn't want a conversation about basketball...just a fashion high five.
PS I'm available for dates if you need a friend on all these ticket scores.

Supercords said...

So I hear Deanna. How's that contest of yours going? Find the boyfriend of your dreams yet?