Monday, January 26, 2009

Todos Santos to La Paz

Todos Santos is an artsy community known mainly for the Eagle's Hotel California. I wouldn't have felt bad if we skipped it. Outside of a few well kept blocks, it's pretty much your basic 3rd world hole.

Christmas display, Mexican style

I liked this lonely chimney

I stayed at the Hotel Yaneka in La Paz, home of this mischievous monkey, both when he was alive and now that he's dead.


cort said...

what is that lone chimney doing in the middle of nowhere, and that monkey will haunt my thoughts forever...... seriously, HUH?

Supercords said...

I'm guessing the home that went with it burned down long ago.

That monkey used to snatch food from the hands of unsuspecting guests, or so I was told.

I just had a great idea for a horror movie... it involves waking up at the hotel in the middle of the night, only to see the stuffed monkey come to life, standing above you with a kitchen knife.

He then stuffs his human victims and puts them on display.

Joey, copyright that shiz above for me. I don't want some Hollywood movie producer stealing my idea.

ashleyboice said...

i love your trip recount. (is that even a word??) It is too late for me to think clearly.