Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tour of Duty through My Garden

I started my garden a little late this year. I should have been planting seeds indoors months ago instead of right now. At any rate, this is my garden to date:

Moving clockwise around my yard--future home of my tomatoes, featuring rubber snake protection:

Last year's strawberries came back with a vengeance, increasing from two scawny plants to over a dozen.

I only got two strawberries last year, so I'm looking forward to this year's abundance.

My strawberry empire marches forward into tomato territory, the stronghold of my salsa reserves.

Just wait, this area here will soon be overrun with vines of cantaloupe and cucumbers. They are sure to put up a fight with the strawberries, but hopefully not at the tomato's expense.

Peace reigns supreme with the flowers. For now...

Safe from harm, the herbs have yet to sprout.

And indoors, my seedling army awaits its deployment into the yard: More herbs, tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, and onions.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you gardening and also Jenny. I Love to eat my own stuff. Good luck. Our tomatoes here in Mesa, AZ are now at peak and will soon overwhelm us. Luckily we are leaving for Florida and Dave and Julie can take over. The heat will soon kill them anyway. dad.

Samantha said...

shane I'm so jealous. I have decided in the last couple of years that I think I would LOVE to learn to garden but anything I try to grow here in the hot vegas sun dies. I had two strawberries bloom once but they both died before they grow too big.

Holly ( the bad daughter) said...

Ahhhh salsa reserves! Can't wait:)