Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Stroll Through Coachella

With 5 stages of music, there's not much free time between bands. It's worth taking a few breaks though in order to take in the many Coachella sights.

Goth Girl Admiring Horse

Oasis Tents

Ryan will have to go without beer during the festival.

Fabric Maze

Harley Bird inside the Fountain Tent

Seeking Shade

Smokin' Some Weed

Giant Metal Tree

War of the Worlds?

Bashing Bush was all the Rage

Dome at Night

Tesla Coils


ashleyboice said...

I want mustache pictures!

Derek said...

Yes. Mustache pictures are also what I logged on to request. Lemme see that Freddy Mercury handlebar.

Supercords said...

Fine!!! Mustache pics will be forthcoming. Check back in a day or two.