Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Break 2

Songkran is the three day water fight festival throughout Thailand. This was the scene in front of my host family's house.

It was also during this holiday that I moved out on my own earlier than anticipated. It's a complicated story that those in my journal email ring are privy to. Sorry general public :)

First things first: set up the wifi

Brian, a nearby PCV, came into town and we hit the awesome weekend market downtown. Too many food options to choose from.

Rainy season came early. Thank goodness, because it's been a million degrees lately, and the rain cools things down a bit, despite the humidity. 

Weekend trip to Rayong for a Peace Corps Consolidation test. It's what we do if there's a natural disaster or anarchy breaks out. We consolidate to a meeting point. In my case, it's at this sweet hotel with a pool. We made good use of it.

Shortly after that about 20 PCVs took a little vacation to Koh Mak, and island off the coast near where I live. It was a relaxing four days with this view.

School is starting this week and life will dramatically change. I'll try to get some pictures up of my rental house too.

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