Friday, October 04, 2013

Mt. Yakedake Hike

Kenji brought me to his favorite hiking area near Nagano to hike Mt. Yakedake. It was a beautiful day, which matched the equally beautiful scenery.

A bit chilly at the trailhead in Chubusangaku National Park.

Started with a nice walk along the crystal clear Azusegawa River.

Once we entered the forest trail, it was mostly uphill, with plenty of challenging sections, including several ladder climbs.

Incredible views on the way up.

The summit area is full of geothermic vents. This one was spewing sulfur continuously.

At the summit.

A couple from on the way down, as the clouds roll in. 

Finished at Kappabashi Bridge

Thanks to Kenji and the other hikers who took some of these photos.

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