Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Slot Canyon Adventure

Brandon, Chris, and I took a slot canyon backpacking trip down to the Paria Canyon area near Kanab this past weekend. Here are some of my photos:

At Moqui Cave off the 89

Brandon foreshadowing the actual bowel trouble he would be afflicted with for the rest of the trip. This is what happens when you desecrate the sacred Moqui Cave.

Chris at White House campground where we spent the first night.

Brandon & Chris

Brandon & I at dusk.

The wash leading into Paria Canyon

It was REALLY hot. Chris taking a break.

Inside Paria

This was about as much water as we had to hike through. There's a lot more earlier in the year. 

The Three Toe-migos: Chris and Brandon wore Five Fingers; I went barefoot. 

Brandon becoming one with the canyon.

Our campground in Buckskin Canyon where we spent the 2nd night.

Hiking through Buckskin Canyon the next day

Under and...

Over. Brandon using the chiseled hand holds to get over a blocked passage.

Chris doing some bouldering up top.

Pit stop

It's pretty amazing

I nearly walked right into this rattler. That would have been unfortunate. 

Getting closer to Wire Pass

I got too hot and tired to take more pictures after this. I'll try and round some more up from Brandon and Chris.


Amy said...

Amazing Pics! That rattler didn't look very calm at picture time.
Looks like an awesome hike.

Jake and Jenny said...

I love that area! We did a small hike when we were at Lake Powell. It is amazing all the slot canyons.

J Walker said...

Looks like a great time. I am glad you didn't die from eating your tuna...that's kind of

maria said...

I've always wanted to do a hike like that. Looks AMAZING! I wouldn't have been able to sleep for fear of a flash flood. I want to go next time--maybe a cousins trip would be fun!

cort said...

I am almost positive that you have some sort of disease that you aren't aware of from eating that tuna.

The pics make the trip look a lot more fun than the written account of it.

Looks awesome.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Jealous of this hike! The rattlesnake gave me the chills though.