Friday, June 10, 2011

Wahsatch Steeplechase Prequel

I only found out this week that I made it off the waiting list and into the Wahsatch Steeplechase this Saturday.  I've been following the drama with the course for awhile though. Record snowfall this year is messing up all the mountain races, including this one. Here's the update I received minutes ago from Butch, the race director.


Welcome to the Dude Peak Derby!

After hearing moderately positive reports from people running the Steeplechase course this past week I decided that I had to check it out one more time before pulling the plug. So, Wednesday evening, several of us headed back up Smugglers Gap Trail to see if there had been some miraculous melting of snow or if collectively we had enough retired climbing ropes to fix the entire snow section. We didn't...

There has been some melt but with the cooler temps the sections that I feel are a bit sketchy are now rock hard and have the potential for serious consequences. I know this group of racers are a pretty hardy bunch. I know many of you personally, and I'm not really concerned about most of you having the ability to get through the course without incident. However, we have had 2 rescues in the past 3 years, so maybe I'm a bit gun shy at this point.

Over this past week I have tried to create another loop course that would actually mirror the Steeplechase course. I failed. Let me qualify that, I didn't completely fail, I've connected this route but it's not ready for an event like this.

So, I know many of you will moan and groan, but we will try to make this as fun as possible while keeping the suffering as high as possible.

Course Description:

Start in Memory Grove Park 6:00 am

Up the road to the hairpin.

Go through the gate in City Creek and up the road for 1/3 mile

Slight left to the City Creek Canyon Trail

3/4 mile up canyon Turn LEFT on the Shoreline Trail intersection. (Mt. Bike Route)

Follow the Shoreline Trail (west) for approximately 1 mile to a single track trail, turn right.

Follow this to the third/single Radio Tower. That is your first Aid Station

From here you will follow a Double Track due East on the Ridge to the Top of Dude Peak (7200 ft) Total from start 7 miles

From the Summit of Dude Peak you get to turn around and run back for about 3 miles

Turn left on the pipeline trail that will take you 1.10 mile into City Creek Canyon

Turn Right on the City Creek Canyon Trail Run 2.5 miles to the finish

Total 13 miles, 3800 vertical gain.

There will be NO AID at Dude Peak.


See you all Saturday


It sounds like we will be getting off easy, as the original course is 17 miles and higher elevation. That means I'll probably have to run it again in the future, to get the full experience.

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