Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Bocce

We had so much fun playing beach bocce in Mazatlan a few years ago, we made sure to bring down another set for this trip. We use acres of sand and tide pools as our game board. It's awesome.

Cort, Joey, Aaron, and Jeff

Cort lining up his shot

It's more impressive when you see how far away we are from the target ball.

The Measurement

We play until we literally can't see our balls...


duke of earl said...

how long do you play?

Angie said...

hahahha. yeah sorry, that last ball sentence made me snicker a little.

Jake and Jenny said...

I love it! It is nice that you have all that open space to play.

Amy said...

Like Father like Son, Dad loves this game too.
I can see how the beach would liven it up a bit.