Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ragnar Del Sol 2011

I took advantage of a work trip to Arizona to run the Ragnar Del Sol Relay with my oldest sister Jenny and her team. 197 miles from Wickenburg to Tempe. It was a fun experience and my 5th Ragnar Relay. Out time was 31:21:03. We were 200th overall and 95th in the Open Mixed Regular division.

Tons of pictures were taken, but I've been unable to track any of them down except for these 4. I'll post them later if they ever surface.

Our team of 12

Our team name was an homage to the movie Elf

My final exchange to Jake

The medal


Annie said...

That is a very focused man headed for the exchange. Nice pic. You had a team of 12?

Anonymous said...

11 1/2

Van Cott Family said...

If you want more pictures, Amy has a bunch, go to my blog and she is under Ms Amy.


Sarah said...

Yowza! You.Amaze.Me.

Jake and Jenny said...

That was so great to do it together! It was fun to see you and Jake so competitive and vying for the most "kills".