Saturday, October 31, 2009

The B-52's and SLC Real

Our annual convention was last week--busiest time of the year for me. One of the things I was over this year was the dance party. We brought in the B-52's, which blew the doors off. Seriously, the sound level was outrageously loud.

I snapped a quick shot of the gal's traveling wardrobe backstage.

The glow sticks we handed out were a huge success. With the black lights going, the place looked really cool.

Joey & Cali came up...

...with Ash and Cort

The B-52's. You'll have to take my word for it--my camera sucks.

Saturday night we closed out the week with the final Real home game of the season. We won 3-0 and it was awesome. Heading to the playoffs!

Balcony seats


Deanna said...

Please contain your excitement in the photo at the game next time, Mr. Team Spirit.

Amy said...

Soccer Fan Shane? I didn't know.
What team is that?
Soccer is my favorite sport (tied with volleyball)...In case you didn't know : )

Angie said...

those glowsticks make it look like you had some sort of rave...did you wear fairy wings and a candy necklace too?