Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Reunion: Day 3

Day 2 wasn't picture worthy.

OK, so I forgot my camera. But on Day 3 we were up in South Fork Canyon at Big Springs. These are my photos from the day:

Tessa & Owen: Blanket Party

Owen: Smile

Tanner: Egg Wash

Watermelon Stand

Isaac: Gone Fishin'

Hike to Big Springs

Aubrey & Kimball tried to keep up with Spencer

Sunburn Valley

Fern Gully

Big Springs (aka: Big Letdown)

Blue Bird

How we all felt after the hike.


Jake and Jenny said...

Up the canyon, so much fun, the hike I should have stayed behind, boy did I feel it the next day!

Amy said...

It was so fun to see You and talk here and there. I loved all the pics, especially the pictures of Spencer and Aubrey on the hike, because I only saw them as I was arriving and they were leaving Big Springs, a.k.a. small creek. Linda's was great too, I love the last picture of Dad catching the frisbee.

Van Cott Family said...

Hey this is Dave.

Yea, your long lost brother. You took some awesome pictures. It was fun to hang with you on the hike. Just so you are aware I will have 3 weeks of vacation next year and would like to plan something with you and Dad. I know you will not hold your breath because of my pathetic past history. I think next year though may be the year we can start a yearly tradition. I will see you in October.