Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness 2009: Encore

I'm down in Las Vegas for our annual March Madness trip. We came a couple days earlier than usual, which has been nice, as I've had extra time to enjoy the amenities prior to the aforementioned madness.

We are staying at the newly constructed Encore resort, part of the Wynn property. As nice as the Wynn is, the Encore is even fancier. We have a larger, nicer suite where the game watching will take place, plus a couple extra rooms on other floors just for sleeping.


The Terrace Pointe Cafe is our regular food joint. Joey is officially off his Adkins Diet, judging by that skillet of Bleu cheese truffle chips.

My favorite breakfast meal, perhaps the best breakfast dish on Earth, is the Maine Lobster Benedict. It's a piece of Heaven in your mouth.

Daytime shot of the suite's main room

After a visit to Trader Joes and Walmart, we stocked our kitchen with a plethora of party snacks and drinks.

Room service isn't too bad either. Perfectly cooked salmon

A very good house salad

Deconstructed lettuce wraps and a side of massive chicken fingers. Note the sweet remote for the TV, lights, and curtains.


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Holy Cow--with all that food, how long are you going to be there? I've never known anyone to take March Madness this have a Vegas suite?! This is how I imagine the celebrities hang out between games. I guess I haven't lived yet.

The Clark said...


(the room, the massive amounts of junk)

Have fun!

Jake and Jenny said...

Wow! That is a sweet set up! Must be nice!

Anonymous said...

What luxury. I am jealous. Great snacks too. What happens to all the leftovers? I hope none of you are on diets. Thanks so much for sharing all the amazing pictures. Wish all your friends the best. Love Dad.