Monday, December 08, 2008

James 1

We celebrated my nephew James' 1 year birthday at Peter Piper Pizza during Thanksgiving weekend. Per tradition, (and for the record, this is a tradition I am staunchly opposed to) James was prodded into making waste to a giant slab of birthday cake.

"My work is done here"

Tanner, Kimball, and Sam in hot pursuit of prize tickets.

Becca besmirching the fact that 100 tickets only scores you one giant pixie stick. Or wait, that was me.

Kimball & Becca with their newly purchased vampire teeth. This Twilight thing has gotten way out of control.

Tessa tucked away under her dad's arm.


Rachel said...

Cute pics. I never remember to bring a camera to these things.

Jake and Jenny said...

That cracked me up, about the pixie stick, so true! They loved those vampire teeth although I cant tell you where they are now. Fun times!

Nichols Family said...

Next time you're in sunny AZ you'll have to let us know and we'll come over and see you and your fam!