Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Race Update

On Saturday I ran in the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days 5K. My time was 20:44, which somehow managed to snag me 1st place in the 30-34 year old division. I even got a trophy.

Xterra did a write up for the Wolf Mt. 10K, featuring my photo. I think this makes me famous.

Race #2, the Xterra Snowbird Challenge 8K, is this Saturday. My dad will be running it with me. The course is supposed to be easier than Wolf Mountain, but the elevation is higher.

And here are some photos from the Ogden Marathon:


Amy said...

That was a cool picture of you that they posted in the Xterra News. I hope You and Dad have a great and safe time at your next race. I'm Looking forward to that racing blog. I loved the pictures you took at our family gathering. Grandma looks happy to see you in her picture. --Amy

HHM said...

Yeah, 5k's are weird that way. It really depends on feild size, in a large field a 20min run wouldn't even get you in the top 50, other times, it can land you top 5 or best in class.

Good luck in Snowbird.