Saturday, May 24, 2008

International Caching in Utah

On my run today I replaced one of my caches that some kids had destroyed, checked on another one that people have had trouble finding, and then came across a big group of cachers who had just found my Windmill Tree cache. I've really enjoyed hiding these caches and seeing other people find them.

Back on March 28th, Windmill Tree was found by this group:

Not the everyday folk you normally see on the Jordan River Trail. Very cool. Here is the post they left on my cache page:

The 3rd cache in a team building activity for an engineering team from a local company.
10 team members in all from many different places: Idaho, Utah, Singapore, Burma, India, China, Malaysia and Nepal.
A good time was had by all.


Amy said...

Love this blog entry. How cool is that.
We got rain the last couple days. Arizona broke all kinds of records that are like 100 years old. As it snowed up North as well. --Amy

Leslie said...

the guy in front in the green coat is from my ward in rexburg

Leslie said...

whoops...that was me, rachel r (leslie is my sister)

Supercords said...

and the world grows even smaller... :)

Emily said...

Look, I found you randomly on Blogger. Your blog looked interesting, and when I saw that you're a cacher (!!) I decided that I would continue reading.

Except! Your blog is super hard to navigate. It loads different than other blogs. And there's no "older posts" link at the bottom. Plus, when I tried to add on Google Reader, it told me that you didn't exist.

So I guess my continued reading of your blog just wasn't meant to be. Too bad. Happy caching anyway.

Emily said...

I doubt it's my browser; I use Firefox, which usually is not problematic. Maybe I'll try sometime when I'm on a computer with IE, anyway.

I did love the part of your comment where you said that you believe it's worth the effort.