Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome Back To The Wynn

March Madness is in the air, which means my favorite annual trip has finally arrived. We left early this year, since the wives required their spouses to be home for Easter Sunday. We left shortly after lunch on Tuesday and checked into the Wynn that evening. We are here for just one night, then it's off to the Venetian. This is a smaller version of the suite we normally get here.

View from the bed:

We had a quiet dinner for 3 at Wing Lei inside the Wynn. It's a mix of Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechwan cooking styles with a French influence.

Gorgeous place setting:

Our waiter asked Executive Chef Richard Chen if he would allow me to order his signature meal by myself, since he normally only does it for two. He agreed.

Chilled lobster somen salad with a soy garlic reduction - phenomenal

Shrimp mousee dumpling with Chinese pea leaves

Pan-seared diver scallop wrapped in seaweed

Wok-fried X.O. beef tenderloin with mixed vegetables - the beef was perfect.

Vegetable chow mein

The chef's dessert ended up being a hazelnut mousse cake with a scoop of hazelnut ice cream. Those are candied hazelnuts resting on top. This was incredible.

I sampled Joey's dessert: a chocolate covered pastry and scoop of vanilla. Very good. Scott had some to die for ginger ice cream. (not shown)

The trip's off to a good start. Stay tuned for more photos... likely of food.


Scott said...

Sounds like a pretty boring trip.

Nichols Family said...

Last time we were in Vegas we stayed at the's gorgeous...but kindof overboard, yeah? Hope you had a great trip!

Jared said...

Man I wish I could be there with you guys! I keep missing all of the fun. Thanks for posting at least...that helps a little. LOL