Sunday, October 07, 2007

Xterra National Trail Running Championship

Last weekend I was in the Lake Tahoe area (Incline Village) for the Xterra National Trail Running Championship. It was a great race, and I was fortunate enough to place 1st in my age group due to the shallow field. I expect more competition next year. Read a short write-up on the race here.

Starting Line. I'm in front, wearing an orange jersey on the right.

Number 480 (me) quickly getting overtaken.

Over and under logs along the course: (not me)

(also not me)


Course map. The trail run was 2 loops of the red line.


HHM said...

That is pretty cool. I am guessing that if you 2 loops, you were doing the 10K event, correct?

Nice job

Captain Emus said...

This blog would be a lot cooler if it were a book club.