Thursday, August 09, 2007

Garden Update III

Time for another garden update.

It would appear that my tomatoes are doing quite well--that is until you look for actual tomatoes. These ones here are about to breach the fence line. I've resorted to tying them back with twine. If they could only put some of that greenery effort into making delicious, red orbs, I'd be in salsa heaven by now.

Strawberries and tomatoes have become one. Whether a hybrid strawberry tomato develops is yet to be seen.

I've been picking cucumbers for awhile now. It's all a twisted mess of cucumber and cantaloupe vines now.

On the left you see one of the first cantaloupes nearly ready for the picking. On the right you see a cuculoupe. It appears the flowers from both plants have been getting it on with each other, and this is the result. Upon Googling this creation, I discovered I'm not alone in the garden universe.

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