Wednesday, June 13, 2007

True Colors

I went to the True Colors music festival last weekend with Thanh and two of her friends. A big motivator for going was to see The Dresden Dolls and The Gossip. As it turns out, The Gossip didn't play, so I was a bit disappointed. Still a fun night overall though.

These are pictures her friends and I took, plus some I stole from other bloggers . I may post some of Thanh's pictures later.

The Cliks opened and were pretty good. Thanh likes them way more than I do.

The Dresden Dolls were next, but only got to play like 5 songs. I would have gladly knocked Debbie Harry out with a shovel if it meant they got to play longer. They were fantastic though, and I'll be paying to see them again.

Speaking of Debbie Harry, I'm reporting her to the cops, cause she must have raided my grandma's closet. Speaking of my grandma, I would have rather had her performing on stage, because Ms. Harry was TERRIBLE. Not a single Blondie song, or any recognizable song for that matter. It was more like amateur night at the old folks home. Where's that shovel?

Erasure played many of their biggest hits, and I wish to thank them publicly in light of the trickery forced upon us by Debbie. I enjoyed their set.

Night settled in before Cyndi took the stage:

She played Girls Just Want To Have Fun, the one from The Goonies, True Colors, and Time After Time. What more can you ask for?

Thanks for inviting me Thanh.


Derek said...

Very strong blogging lately.

ashleyboice said...

I wish I were there, that is one of those shows that when you talk about it in a few years those who weren't there are going to say," you went to that.....lucky"! anywho, you went to that show? Lucky