Friday, September 29, 2006

Long Time No See--Me

I'm going to attempt to catch everyone up to the present, and then I'll expand on a few events later with pictures.


A week after getting back from Hawaii, I ran in one of the toughest races in Utah--the Wasatch Back Relay, a 173 mile race through the mountains from Logan to Park City. I was on a team of 12 runners. Each of us ran three legs, or around 15 miles total. The race goes 24 hours, so the lack of sleep definitely plays a part. It was grueling at the time, but I can't wait to run again next year when I'm in better shape.


I continued running and completed the Deseret News Marathon at the end of July, my first marathon. Again, I had not trained as much as I should have, and this was an extremely painful experience. If I ever run another one, it will only be after properly training.


I ran in two more races this month, the Highland Days 5K and the Hobble Creek 1/2 Marathon. I started to develop knee pain, likely from the marathon, but my times continued to improve.


I ran in 4 races this month, most while enduring a great deal of pain from my knee: Swiss Days 10K in Midway, 8K Downhill Dash & BBQ Bash in Alta, The Utah Marathon Relay at Thanksgiving Point, and Daybreak 5K in South Jordan. Despite the pain, my times continued to get better, however I have stopped running and am doing physical therapy on my knee this winter so I can be ready for more races in the Spring.

Meanwhile, my sister Mary ( and roommate) will be getting married in November.

I booked a flight to Japan for an end of the year vacation. I'll be staying with my friend Derek. I can't wait to explore Tokyo.

That brings us to the present. I'll do my best to post more often.


Cheeth said...

Having one of your favorite blogs back is like a cancelled, but good TV show getting back on the air. Unless it gets cancelled again.

Supercords said...

It's back. Now comes the chore of finding interesting things to write about each day.