Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chicago Day 3

We were so tired from walking the first two days, that we decided to go see X-Men III downtown. Went straight to the wedding at the Magnificent Mile Marriott Hotel after. Both Amy and I were excited to experience a traditional Indian wedding.

This is Amy and I shortly after arriving.

This is my friend Ram with his sister Shoba.

Ram led a procession of guests around the room and up the escalator to the ballroom foyer.

The wedding was held inside the ballroom, which was gorgeously decorated.

Amy posed beneath the arch.

The wedding program. The entire ceremony takes place in Sanskrit, which nobody except the Hindu priest understands.

The canopy, where all the action took place.

The flower girl.

The bride enters for the first time.

Flower leis are exchanged as part of the ceremony.

The ceremony is long and includes many offerings to the gods. Here is the aftermath.

Flowers were everywhere. These arrangements lined the walkway.

Instead of rice, guests throw flower petals at the bride and groom as they leave the wedding.

You'd think I could have got a better shot of the happy couple, but you'd be wrong.

A very simple cake, which I don't think is historically a big part of Indian weddings.

The ballroom was reset for dinner. I decided not to draw unnecessary attention to myself by photographing the many wonderful Indian dishes. The food was delicious.

The night ended with a dance party. Amy and I both had a great time. We wish Ram and Vani all the best.

I have two video clips which I will try and post this week.

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Garden Philospher said...

Wonderful pictures of the Indian wedding. So glad you shared. The last time I saw Ram he was a little boy. Congratulations to Ram and Vani. I am happy you and Amy could see Ram and such a unique cultural wedding.