Monday, June 28, 2010

Hogle Zoo & CPK

I took Brayden to the Hogle Zoo the Saturday before last. I'd never been and I like zoos. I can't say I was thrilled with Hogle. The quality, variety, and authenticity of the animal habitats was extremely low. I won't be back for a second trip, but we still had fun.

It was a hot, sunny day

We both liked the bug guy showing off his creepy pets

I never realize black widow spiders were hand friendly.

It must be safe. I don't see any bite marks on his fingers.

A colony of fruit bats

I was all ready to tell this lady she had a nice set of hooters, but alas she only had the single owl.

Zuri, the new baby elephant. I thought this picture looked cooler in black and white.

Sad monkey

You know a zoo is desperate when they start locking up your lost pets.
Poor kitty.

Brayden with the zoo mascot.

Afterward we went to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. I loaded him up with Mt. Dew and Pepsi before sending him home :)

Plus some cheesecake to boot


Deanna said...

I hate spiders. BEST ZOO DAY EVER!

Cali said...

Hey, come hang with us for the Fourth!!

Jake and Jenny said...

I love a day at the zoo! Funny pictures, except for the critters, scary!

Amy said...

Laugh Out Loud. The bug & owl jokes were as great as the pics!

Annie said...

You could have said "nice hooter" and it still would have been funny. : )