Saturday, June 19, 2010

Squaw Peak 50 in Pictures

The results for the Squaw Peak 50 are posted here. 243 runners started the race. 23 dropped out along the way, the highest drop rate since the inception. They gave 4 IV's at the end, which is more than the previous 13 years combined. The cool weather followed by a very hot race day caught a lot of people, including myself, off guard. I came in 157th overall with a time of 14:56:11. I was only 41st out of 51 in my age group. Not my finest moment, except that my goal was just to finish.

These are my favorite shots from Norrander . I'll post more if I come across them.

The first big descent. Our legs were fresh, the single track was technical, and the scenery gorgeous. I had a blast coming down.

Ultra runners come in all shapes and sizes. And then there's this guy.

I like the pink socks.

Sweet jump. I came across many runners wearing these French shoes. I'm intrigued.

I lost count how many times there were logs blocking the trail. No big deal the first 20 miles, but by mile 30, lifting my legs more than a foot off the ground required serious willpower.

I love this shot

I can enjoy the view now, as I sit in the comfort of my home, cold beverage by my side. But as I was making my way up to Windy Pass, all I could think was %&@$ this @#&$%)?! mountain.


Amy said...

Hey, You didn't come in last in your age group!
That is some beautiful scenery.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Did you see any Vibram Five Fingers Shoes? That is a new thing I've just heard about. That's a funky lookin' shoe!

Supercords said...

Just one pair, at aid station 8. The dude was pulling them off to switch into a pair of trail shoes. He had a massive blister on the bottom of his foot. Not really for me.