Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heber Family Reunion

We had our family reunion in Heber, AZ over Memorial Day weekend. I hosted 3 double elimination tournaments--all hotly contested. I'm posting the results here so we have something to refer back to when doing next year's seedings. We take these things very seriously. (Ok, I take it very seriously)

Jake demonstrating an improper defensive technique

Air Hockey

2. Dave
3. Amy (After beating Amy in the first round, she came back and kicked my butt in our rematch)
4. Shane
5. Jake
6. Rachel
7. Sammi
8. Aaron
9. Brad
10. Mary

Amy demonstration a proper defensive technique.


2. Shane (The rematch here was between Josh and I. He knocked me into the losers bracket, but I fought my way back to win him in the semi-finals, before losing to Aaron.)
3. Josh
4. Brad
5. Dave
6. Jake
7. Mary
8. Rachel
9. Dad
10. Amy

Ping Pong

This is the most important and longest running tournament in our family. David has been the undefeated champion for more years than I can remember, but his time will come.

2. Shane (Again, I was knocked into the loser's bracket by Jake, but came back to win our rematch in order to play Dave in the finals.)
3. Jake
4. Josh
5. Mary
6. Rachel
7. Amy
8. Brad
9. Dad
10. Jenny


Before flying down to Arizona, I loaded up my GPS with some caches around Heber to find with the family. More people were interested in the hunt than I anticipated.

These are from caches hidden in Black Canyon

This ammo box was an extremely well hidden, but Dave spotted it when he sat down to fix his shoe.

Does it make me a bad person if I was rooting for Dave to fall into the creek? We all went around, but he insisted on pulling that log across and making a wobbly bridge.

This would have been a much better picture if Dave had made a giant splash as he hit the water.

They wanted to do one with "funny faces".

The boys went out the next day to find a few more in town.

Family Picture 2010


Deanna said...

the air hockey table lights up?! wow

Amy said...

Love all the additional pics.
I was taking the tournament pretty seriously too.
Hey, Top 10 in all 3, not bad :)

Jake and Jenny said...

Pretty pathetic that my name is nowhere in sight on the tournaments, oh well! Loved the geocaching, thanks Shane!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Looks like a fun reunion!

maria said...

I love that your family is so competitive when it comes to games! Looks like a great reunion.