Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something Borrowed, Something New

I stole a few photos from some of my fellow passengers. They captured some moments I missed. Now I share them with you.

This is the true essence of Josh, our bus driver. Unabashedly himself. They also spotlight the amazing slot canyons we hiked through near Playa Escondida.

Gotta grab a shower when you can on this trip

I sorely regretted not taking any pictures of our amazing Sushi Night. The sheer amount and variety was astounding.

Tidal hot springs a few miles from camp

OK, back to my photos. These are from my walkabout near Cabo Pulmo


The Clark said...

is josh single??

Supercords said...

He certainly is. Tell me who you are and I'll set you up with him.

Jake and Jenny said...

That dude needs to get a real swimsuit!

ashleyboice said...

that man in a speedo is a dream come true.