Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas in Baja

Small church in a nearby fishing village

I caught the biggest fish on our boat trip :)

Spent an entire day just relaxing on the beach. One of the many views that floated past me.

Santa even stopped by for a visit. Lyle, Arno, Santa (Lauren), and Josh.

Later we hung Santa while Sully performed his fire dance routine

And then ended the evening with a thorough beating.


cort said...

it's a toro/bull fish and yes they fight like they are 5 times the size they are. I broke my fly rod on one. Cool photos:)

J Walker said...

Shane...long time no talk. It has been fun catching up on your adventures. Mine have consisted of various kinds of diaper changes. Exciting stuff.
Did I get booted off the journal email list. I haven't gotten one in a really long time.
I hope you are doing well!
BTW nice shots.

Supercords said...

You may have. I thinned out the list awhile back of people I hadn't heard from in awhile, just to see if they'd even notice or care.

My theory was that there might be some people on my list who want off, but didn't want to hurt my feelings by asking to be removed. That theory has proven false, since I got requests from everyone I removed, (including you) and some I didn't, to be put back on.

My new theory is that this blog response will advertise the fact that I have an email journal list which is much more exclusive than this blog, resulting in new requests to be added.

So you've been added back, but that's it! No more new subscriptions. My life story is already splattered across the globe as it is. Everyone else will have to settle for the sanitized, picture book version, also known as my blog.

Samantha said...

Looks like a really fun trip shane. I love the chapel shot.

Jake and Jenny said...

I have seen a lot of pinatas but never a santa one, that is just wrong! Ha Ha! Nice fish!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

The trip looks fun, but would you do it again with so many other travelers? 34 people in 1 bus together seems a bit much. Sounds like a perfect setting for an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Supercords said...

I might do it again, but not for 15 days. That was a bit long.