Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life on the Bus

It seems like life on the Green Tortoise often revolves around food: Packing, unpacking, cooking, eating, and cleaning. Meals are generally quite good--cleanliness standards, not so much.

Cooler filled with food located beneath the benches in the front of the bus

A bin of condiments from trips of yore.

Lunch prep


Tasha & Janice doing dishes

Some other scenes in and around the bus:

French lovers Kim & Nadine

Marty & I

Sully taking a pit stop

The 4 English rugby gals

Marty, Drew, and Jay


Scott said...

I've tried to stave off this feeling while reading your posts, but it's undeniable: this looks like it was a miserable trip. But I think I am subconsciously imagining it with three kids and not as you actually experienced it.

Anonymous said...

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