Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hawaiin Horizons

Departing from Baja again to post some photos from my trip to Hawaii with my dad for the Honolulu Marathon. (December)

It rained much of our trip, especially the first day. Umbrellas were devastated.

We paid a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center and watched the canoe pageant.

ancient tribal board game

Rained a little while we were there too


Skipped out for dinner and ice cream

Then back for the Horizons night show


Amy said...

Loved all the pictures of Mexico and Hawaii.
Glad you got a nice neighborhood and a nice house. Can't wait to see the process of construction and the house all finished.

Jake and Jenny said...

I loved the P.C.C. when were in Hawaii! That is so fun that you and Dad went and ran the marathon. Too bad there was so much rain, but that is why it is so green there!