Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mexico City Winter Fun

We walked through the Mariachi Square last night. These dudes set up full bars with just crates and barrels.

This morning I walked to the Zocolo where a winter festival was in full swing. Historic buildings surround the square.

Children were making snowmen using compacted fake snow in molds.

First snowmobiling rink I've seen.

Not your average sledding backdrop.


Jake and Jenny said...

That is the smallest snow mobiling rink! That is funny. Be safe, and keep the pics coming.

Jennie Nichols said...

I hope you trip was amazing! I toured Mexico City when I was in college...pyramids and all. WHen we were at the top of one pyramid we could feel the electricity at the top because a storm was coming in. It was awesome...but a little scary. Shane, seriously, your life is ANYTHING but mundane. Can't wait to see more pics. Will you be in AZ for Christmas? It would be fun to see you, since it's been forever!

Amy said...

Great Pics & Journal Shane. I was thinking Mariachi's were musicians, oops :)

Supercords said...

Hen Jennie! I'll actually be down here during Christmas and New Years. Looks like I'll be down in Feb though.

Amy, Mariachi's are musicians... it's just that the people who listen to them have to be drunk in order to put up with their music... kind of like Country "music" in the states.