Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mexico City Day 1

I'm south of the border until Jan 4th, starting in Mexico City. Nothing says Bien Viendo like a pounding altitude headache and a suicide cab ride through gridlocked traffic. Snapped a few photos this afternoon.

Mexican Ear Drums

Mexican Dentist

Mexican Santa

Mexican Tacos
(Adding slivers of pineapple is pure genius)

Mexican Condiments
(lime wedges, roasted onions, cucumbers, and guacamole. In sum, they kick ass over our condiments)

Sorry about the poor quality of the food photos. People were staring. I'll do better.


cort said...

My heart is in Mexico right now. I want to be there so ba
d. Have fun.

Blaine said...

Ohhh....I miss the tacos...and the roasted onions...

Anonymous said...

Great email. I love your blog. I am traveling vicariously with you. I can almost taste the food. Dad

Angie said...

the tacos and condiments look so delicious...the santa and dentists sign look just creepy