Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My reply to Joy

I promise I will be getting back to my Hair Saga soon. I've been busy with work and replying to junk e mail of late. Here is my reply to Joy. It's perfect. If this doesn't get a reply, I don't know what will.


Thanks for your honest and personal e mail. I realize it must be hard for you to share such tragic events with someone you hardly know. Rest assured I will keep what you shared private.

It's actually a miracle that you came across my profile and wrote me, as I am a very honest person and most people out there would likely see this as an opportunity to take advantage of you.

I am truly sorry for the loss of your parents and would be glad to help you in whatever capacity I am able. There is no need to offer promises of companionship or otherwise, as I would be content to just be friends. Again, others might read something like that and seek to take advantage of you, so be careful with your wording in the future.

As for the bank transfer, I have a couple local bank accounts, but I'm not sure how a transfer of such a large sum would work. I would only ask for a very small amount of the money to cover my time and any expense incurred. I'd be glad to help you invest the remaining amount in secure assets if you like.

It would be nice to hear a little more about yourself. What are you studying, what do you like to do for fun, etc. Also, I'd love to receive those photos you mentioned so I know who I'm writing.

I look forward to your reply,

Your new friend,


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