Thursday, March 10, 2005

More Joy

This is going on longer than I expected it to. When are they going to ask me for my bank account number, pin number, and mother's maiden name? Let's get it on already.

[Dearest Shane,

I felt greatly impressed reading from you today and I want to thank you for all your efforts in helping me.]

You mean in wasting your valuable crook time?

[Thank you for contacting Dr. Williams in the bank, with his help, the fund will be transferred. Please always cooperate with him and keep me informed as soon as you hear from him.]

Always cooperate huh. Will Dr. Williams get angry if I refuse? Will I not like Dr. Williams when he's angry? Should I be wearing shin and knee guards?

[I have attached my picture with this email too, I hope to see yours in your next email.]

Crap! Now I have to send my picture. I have to assume they've checked out my Yahoo profile, in which case I'll send her the same photo on there. She attached two more photos with this e mail, but they were both similar to the first one she sent. She's standing in front of the blue sheet. I won't bother posting them.

[There was political crisis in this country through last week but everything is getting better now.]

When is there not political crisis in the Ivory Coast?

[Iam just praying to leave this country as soon as posible to enable join you. I will wait to hear from you soon.]

Join me? Does she realize I live in Utah?

[Take good care of yourself and let all the information I have given you about this fund be keep private till the fund is confirmed into your bank account and I will be happy to meet with you as soon as the fund is transferred.

God bless you.
Sincerely yours,

By "keep it private", do you mean not posting our correspondence on my blog?

My reply was this:


Thanks for the pictures, although I was hoping there would be some of you around your city or with friends. I'm interested in what life is like in the Ivory Coast. I've attached two photos of myself to show you what I mean. The first is me in the mountains, and the second was taken at the Grand Canyon. Do you have any photos of yourself at a big monument or a pretty site in Africa? Hope you like my pictures.

Kind regards,

I decided to add two photos where my features aren't very clear, but I'm out in nature. This legitimizes my request to have her send me some photos like that, which I know they don't have. My desire is to make them have to go out and take some bogus photos or at least doctor some with Photoshop.

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