Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dr. Williams Gets Greedy

No word from Joy since the mention of money. I'm going to ignore this e mail today and let them sweat a little. Hopefully they'll send in Joy to sweet talk me some more. They completely ignored my request to send the paperwork through the mail, sending me a jpg. document to fill out instead. I'll post it after I get home today.

[Attn: Mr. Shane,

This is to confirm the receipt of your e-mail with information duly noted.]

Why does he say that every time?? It's the most annoying sentence ever.

[For your information, we have sent your transfer application letter to our International Remittance Office and you are required to urgently send the total sum of US$1,900 to enable us obtain and legalize the Transfer Authorization Letter, Tax Certificate and Legal Transfer Affidavit of Oath.]

Well, if the International Remittance Office has my letter, then it must be official.

[Immediately these documents are obtained, we shall process your transfer and urgently give you the date of fund transfer and you shall confirm the fund into your bank account within four (4) working days of fund transfer.]

I'm almost rich!!!

[You are hereby advised to complete the attached form and send it back to us by fax or e-mail attachment.]

Not a chance. I'm going to reply tomorrow or after Joy writes me, which ever comes first, and request the form through the mail.

[For quick confirmation, you should transfer the documentation fee of US$1,900 by Western Union Money Transfer to the name of our secretary (MRS. AMONIN ADJO DORRIS) and immediately you make the transfer by western union, send the transfer information to us by e-mail for confirmatioin.


Dr. Syril Peco Williams Esq.,
Tel: +225 07 27 84 48
E-Mail: legal@ciboa.net]

Why is it that they are able to transfer 4.5 million into my account, and yet they need me to send them the $1900 in a money order?

Oh, I just got an idea. Here's my reply to them:

Dr. Williams,

I'm a little worried about Joy. I haven't heard from her in awhile and I'm afraid something might have happened. She mentioned some things about political turmoil and blackouts. Also, she was ill the other day and may have gotten worse. Please send my regards to her and let her know I hope she's ok.

I take it from your last e mail that you sent the form. I'll be checking my work mailbox in the next few days to see if the mailman has brought it. Until then,


This should really agitate them.


Nick Moretti said...

Hey Shane...
I just found some time to catch up with your blog and read the whole Joy scam saga. You are truly a sick and twisted little puppy aren't you?
It's better than anything I've read in a long, long time. Thanks!

Supercords said...

I'm glad a few people are enjoying this, seeing as I've wasted countless hours at work replying to a fake Joy.


Cincy Diva said...

This is absolutely rich! Maybe you should sned them an email saying you sent the money order but have the address wrong and that it came back address unknown. woo hoo. The fun you can have with criminals!

Supercords said...

That's not a bad idea. That will leave me at least a good week of free time to correspond with Joy. I wish I could see the guy who's pretending to be her.