Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Japanese Apartment: Part 3

Hard to believe I'm stretching such a small apartment into this many posts. I bet I get 2 more out of it. A huge benefit to this place is the balcony. It's tiny, and there's barely enough room to step outside, but what matters is I don't have to reach outside a window to hang laundry. I can actually open a sliding door and hang the clothes directly from the washing machine, which is also on the balcony. (saving valuable space inside) The balcony also gets direct sunlight, allowing for faster drying times. When you don't have a clothes dryer, like in the States, this is a big deal.

View from my balcony--nothing special. In case of a fire, I can jump over to the neighbor's terrace. It's two feet away. 

My balcony, in all its glory. Washer to the left, A/C unit to the left.

My washing machine. It vibrates the entire balcony during the spin cycle.

The main road through the Takao area. Most of the street noise is blocked by the other homes.


Amy said...

Have you met any of your neighbors?

Are there so many tourists that you don't stick out as non-Japanese?

What floor are you on? (3rd, 2nd)?

Supercords said...

I've seen the older guy who lives next door through my peephole. There are 2 floors with only 2 apartments on each floor. The one below me is empty.

All the tourists are Japanese. There are a few Americans (etc) here and there that live around the city.

Deanna said...

Do you have a landlord that makes you wax his cars?

Supercords said...

I'm required to wax other parts.