Saturday, April 07, 2012

Japanese Apartment: Part 2

Moving counter-clockwise from my desk, my bed sits in the NW corner of the room. I didn't have a real use for that white table, so for now it's my nightstand.

The sliding door entry to my room in the SW corner. The little kitchen is on the other side.

West side: Up

West side: Down

View from the kitchen

So that's the 6 tatami mat room. This is thrilling stuff. Next up: The Balcony!


Sarah said...

Wow! You have done a good job of placing everything. I think the drapes are nice, they add a lot to your space. I want to see the kitchen! Hope you are well.

Supercords said...

Hi Sarah. I lucked out on the drapes. The guy, who's stuff I bought, had good taste. The kitchen is coming, along with the bathroom. Fasten your seat belts, there are some exciting blog posts coming!

Rachel John said...

Very light-filled! I like it!