Sunday, February 22, 2009

More photos from Moab Red Hot 50K

Most of these pictures are the amazing work of gnorrander, who took over 450 shots of the race. Check them all out here.

These are some of my favorites that I didn't include in my first post.

Minutes after starting the race

These old timers must have legs of steel

As you can see in many of these, there wasn't always a "trail" we were following. Rather, a series of pink ribbons hung from trees, shrubs, and tied to rocks. I had to backtrack a few times after overshooting the course. You learn real quick to spot any pink on the horizon.

I clearly remember this jump. Glad I wasn't the only one who nearly ate it.

I love this shot. It seemed like we were constantly running on an angle.

A skateboard would have come in handy on this part

Yes, it really was that steep


cort said...

I recognize a where a whole bunch of these photos were taken and they are in totally gnarly places that my Samurai could barely make it through. I am sorry but that is pure craziness that anyone could run through all that crap???!!!!! Instead of thinking you are all hardcore n' stuff, I am beginning to wonder if you are mental?

Amy said...

Great pictures of both of your runs. Dad looks real worn out in the Hawaii ones. Great house beginnings too.