Monday, February 23, 2009


As I thoroughly documented in several posts, my last trip to Mexico was 'on the cheap', to say the least. I forwent showers, sleeping in a bed, and personal space. I only mention this as a means of explaining why I feel no guilt about enjoying a second visit to Mexico. This one on the other side of the spectrum.

A was in Cancun a couple weeks ago for a FAM trip. It's the furthest south I've traveled in Mexico, however, it's also the least I've seen of any destination I've ever visited. This was not authentic Mexico by any means. That doesn't make it a bad trip, just different.

They put us up at the Le Blanc resort. It's pretty nice.

I'm not usually a jacuzzi guy (I have sensitive skin), but when it's in your freaking room, for crying out loud, with bubble bath, mineral salts and everything, you really don't have any choice. I may or may not have watched TV from beneath the foam.

But don't think I was playing favorites. I gave the shower plenty of attention too. There's an additional shower head coming at you from the other side, in addition to the 5 shown here.

One of the highlights of the trip, for me, was having the chef of the new French restaurant prepare us a tasting menu, then walk us through each one. For a minute there, I honestly felt like I'd walked onto the set of Top Chef.

Other meals weren't half bad either.

This troupe of drummer/dancers was lead by two fire wielding Brazilian girls covered in lovely tattoos. You can put two and two together from here. I stayed for the whole show.

Much of my time was spent touring properties like this one. (Moon Palace)

The rest was spent riding ATV's...

This trip made all the bug bites I got in Baja worth it.


cort said...

no offense, but can you please buy a tripod? Those cool shots could be a lot better. I said, no offense!

Jake and Jenny said...

That looks fabulous! There is nothing like a vacation with a jacuzzi and a shower like that!

Cancun Mexico said...

certainly in this Cancun tours you didn't feel inside of the traditional Mexico City, but you felt like a king. Didn't you?
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Supercords said...

It's true, I guess I didn't actually get to "feel inside" traditional Mexico. Although I'm pretty sure I would have had to pay extra for that.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Your resort inside & out looks almost exactly like the Riu Palace, Cancun that I visited last May. (I enjoyed better sushi in the resort's Japanese restaurant than I've had in supposedly "good" Utah places.) It was so nice! I've heard the Moon Palace is great. How did it compare in accommodations to the Le Blanc?

Supercords said...

Le Blanc gives you a bit more pampering, but both resorts are equally nice. Moon Palace is massive. More things to do there. Le Blanc is adults only, so if you are taking kids, I'd go with Moon.

Carol and Tyler said...

you NEVER get to go ANYWHERE!!!! someone was telling me you have info on a freecycle website...please share...