Thursday, April 26, 2007

On my way to Coachella 2007

Flew out from SLC this morning to Ontario, CA, where I'll meet up with my friend Jon driving down from Bakersfield. We are both first timers to Coachella and have high expectations for the weekend.

I'm using Marriott points this trip for our hotel rooms. At the Residence Inn Ontario Airport, they upgraded me to a penthouse suite. It's no Wynn suite or anything, but still a lot nicer than a standard room. Thanks to my job, I earn a lot of Marriott points, which earned me Platinum status. I've noticed they treat you much nicer when you flash the platinum.

A few pics of the suite:

Checked in early and then changed into my running clothes. I had Googled a thrift store location and planned to run there and check it out. But first, I stopped by a Yoshinoya joint for some quick fuel. It's 1:00, and this was my first meal of the day. Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast food place that serves up cheap rice bowls in a delicious sauce. I got one with chicken and vegetables. I had slipped a credit card and $20 in my pocket for purchases.

I literally ate and ran--out the door and into the Rancho Cucamonga area. On the way, I passed a lady sitting at a bus top. She yelled out "What are you running from?", something people say when they are trying to be funny. She didn't wait for a response, following it up with "Pansy!"

I kept running without proffering a comeback. What was I supposed to do? Stop and kick her ass? Besides, she rides the bus. That's its own punishment.

I had a printed out map in my other pocket, and eventually found the store about 5 miles out: Assistance League Thrift Store.

I was a little embarrassed, since I was sweating profusely when I entered the store. I probably didn't smell too good either. I thought it was going to be a waste of time, but then I happened upon a mint condition vintage Adidas jacket.

Of course then I had to run back to the hotel with a bag in my hand. The sun was beating down and I was pretty tired when I got back. Showered and caught up on work e mails and a few calls. I’m never really completely off duty, especially tonight with 7 meetings going on.

The nice thing about Residence Inn’s is that in addition to the free breakfast, they now have a free social hour from 5-7pm where a light dinner and drinks are served. I was surprised to see wine and beer on tap included. I didn’t partake, but the gentleman around me were throwing them back like it was free. Oh wait, it was free.

I washed my salad and burritos down with some Dr. Pepper. I had a debate in my head for a minute about how I shouldn’t be drinking soda while training, but Dr. Pepper and his year’s of medical experience made a great case. I had no choice.

Back to the suite to watch game 3 of the Suns vs. Lakers. Jon arrives later tonight. It’s been a great beginning to the trip. Hoping it only gets better from here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip but I'm not sure why you are there. Is this a band thing on your own or work? How can you run after a meal? You must be really getting in shape.

Supercords said...

It's a 3 day music festival... I guess you didn't recognize the bands on the poster above.

I usually don't like to run right after eating, but I had nothing in my system. I think it digested quickly.

Lindi said...

Thanks for the laugh today.... as my blog entry today was sad, your's made me smile! :)

ashleyboice said...

So...Yipee...I love it when you post. Good job Shane. We cancelled survivor without you there last night. Robbie learned how to get out of his bed and wouldn't go down so Cortney and I left defeated.

Derek said...

Great, great posts on Coachella. You should always post like this.